Remember That Titanfall 2 Training Course?

Titanfall 2 was the sequel that gave me hope. I loved the first game in the series, and wanted this next one to achieve success. Upon the game’s release, I sunk hours with a group of friends discussing the single-player while jumping around rooftops shooting rockets at mechs.

There was a ton of hype for both the original and the second game in the Titanfall series. I was not the only one disappointed to see the past two months report nothing but mediocre sales of the game, regardless of the consistent high ratings and glowing reviews. Recent articles even reporting the series possibly dead, mostly attributed to the terrible launch timing by EA. With a rough history detailed somewhat in this interview, the developers over at Respawn have stated a continued interest in the series, and I think we all agree that they have done incredible work here.

Titanfall 2 Player Count
Just over 4,000 players online on PC. Taken at 4:30 PM EST.

With all that being said, I always end up seeing something that brings me back into Titanfall. It makes me happy to see players still enjoying this excellent game. If you played through the game after purchase while awaiting the download to complete, then you’ll most likely remember trying to beat the best time on the training course. Like most of us you probably never looked back, but YouTuber Deadlokkked has been spending the past few weeks perfecting insane runs. In an almost casual style, he utilizes multiple tricks and impressively perfect accuracy. Reaching maximum speeds and stay there during his record setting runs. Check out his fastest time yet in the video below.

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