Friday The 13th: The Game – Closed Beta Begins

Horror fans rejoice! On December 20th, developers IllFonic and Gun Media launched the closed beta for Friday The 13th: The Game! You can pre-order the game to access the beta until December 23rd. This may also grant you access to further beta testing periods before release. A full release is scheduled for Spring 2017.

EDIT: This beta has been extended to the 24th, and placing a pre-order should net you 5 keys to use and share with friends.

The developers of this Friday The 13th game had a clear vision in mind, and it absolutely looks like they nailed it. I’ve been waiting to hear more news about this game since seeing the teaser gameplay by Gun Media months ago. Originally in production as Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp, the developer obtained a license to name the game, and shape it into its current form. Clearly a smart choice, as crowd-funding for the game produced over $1 million. You can check out more about the game over at the official website or check out your pre-order options. There’s a bunch of bonus items to buy, including artwork, a soundtrack, and dev diaries if that’s your thing. The physical copy of the game will cost $60, while a digital copy will save some money at only $40.

Friday The 13th Website Banner
The official website advertising pre-orders, and still going for stretch goals.

I’ve been watching streams of this game (I may have stayed up until 5 am on Twitch). It is an impressively immersive experience. When the lights go out in a cabin, your vision not only strains to see through the darkness, but the game itself actually starts to restrict your vision based on fear and whether you’re hiding or not. Players can communicate with each other while nearby over headset, but the killer can also hear you. If you find radios, you can communicate with each other across the map. Players never know if they will be the killer or not, as right now the selection is random. Preventing killers from becoming too skilled too quickly, and possibly leveling the playing field for survivors.

Unlike the somewhat similar game, Dead By Daylight, Friday The 13th allows players multiple win conditions. Instead of being helpless and hiding the entire match, players can get the electric running to the phones and call the police. You can find weapons around the map, and while you are vastly weaker than infamous Jason Voorhees, you could attempt to fight him. I haven’t seen any success with this route yet, but maybe an organized team could do it. You can also grab gas, keys, and a battery to start an escape vehicle and run away. Do you leave your fellow counselors, or wait for them to catch up and escape together?

Stay posted for more updates about future betas, and follow the official Twitter page for other announcements. If you’re unsure about purchasing, or want to see some gameplay, I highly recommend checking out the Friday The 13th Twitch section. As of this posting, the game is currently 3rd overall ranked on the Twitch website with 37,000 viewers. Look out Dead By Daylight, here comes the competition!

If you missed the livestreams, here’s 17 minutes of gameplay from IGN for you!

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