DOOM Resurrected: A Noclip Hit YouTube Documentary

Noclip Doom Resurrected Documentary

Danny O’Dwyer is the mastermind behind the new YouTube channel Noclip. A crowdfunded presentation of high quality documentaries taking an in-depth look at video games. O’Dwyer examines the communities surrounding them, the developers behind the success, and what simply makes games work. All of his series can be viewed for free, with his Patreon already drawing in a staggering $23,000 per month in voluntary donations.

Noclip Documentarian Danny O'Dwyer's Patreon Page
YouTube channel Noclip seeing huge success after the release of its first two documentaries.

I stumbled across the Noclip channel after seeing the latest documentary referred to by a few other channels around YouTube. Vaguely remembering the Rocket League documentary, I clicked through for what I thought would be a few minutes of entertaining behind the scenes information. I hadn’t even played the new DOOM yet, but O’Dwyer sucked me in to an entire world of game development that was fascinating.

He starts with painting the scene of id Software in the early days of game development. Reminding us of where the studio started, and how we even got to the DOOM we know today.

There was a rock and roll style to those early days of id that captured the adoration of 90’s gamers. Romero’s hair, the Ferrari 328, the congressional hearings. It painted the picture of a larger-than-life studio full of young men defining culture, and doing so by breaking all the rules.

These words, along with the images of a young Romero and Carmack, start us on a movie-length journey. Split in 3 parts, we view gameplay footage and listen to developers while learning how a video game company works. O’Dwyer narrates the documentary in a fashion that moves the story along without interrupting the flow of the film. The previous documentary, The Story Of Rocket League never grabbed my attention in the past. However, I have a feeling I will know a lot more about it in the near future.

Check out the trailer for DOOM Resurrected below. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend subscribing to Noclip’s YouTube Channel. Also, tossing a few bucks to their Patreon Page lands you some sweet perks and supports the creation of these videos.

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