Battlerite Launches Season 1 – Arctic Winds!

Battlerite developer Stunlock Studios is getting closer to a completed competitive mode. As of December 14th we will now see competitive “seasons” take place encouraging players to advance up the brackets. Season 1 is entitled Arctic Winds, and introduces major changes to competitive rankings. I hope you’ve been practicing, because competitive Battlerite just got harder.

With Patch 0.10, Stunlock has announced an entirely new system for Battlerite and named it the League. Instead of playing in ranked or normal matches, you will now play in the League or Quickmatch. The available queues have retained the ability to go into 2v2, 3v3, or check both and enter whichever is matched first. Players will now be encouraged more than ever to climb the ranks and attain actual rewards for improving their level of play. I expect to see not only an increase in the amount of people playing the game, but also how much time people are investing into the matchmaking system. Early access has been an enjoyable time for everyone, and with improvements like this it can only get better!

Battlerite Season 1 - Arctic Winds
A pretty “cool” start to competitive matchmaking in Battlerite.

In League, players will compete in 5 placement matches to determine their starting point. After being placed in a League, such as Gold or Bronze, players can advance through divisions. Each League has a set amount of divisions. Bronze starts at 10 divisions, and each League moving up has 1 less. Silver has 9, Gold has 8, and so on. This means that the higher a player climbs, the less room a League has for players of different skill levels. At lower Leagues, players will be encouraged to play more by seeing changes in their division more frequently. Climb up to Grand Champion will grant you extremely rare rewards that you can only retain as long as you continue to place in that League each season. After each season is completed, players will be soft reset and perform placement matches to begin the next season. Season 1 – Arctic Winds will be starting off with a soft reset and placement matches of its own.

I am thrilled to see Stunlock attending so well to their spiritual successor of Bloodline Champions. A concept that was created and launched during the beginning of the MOBA craze, Stunlock found a cult arena fighting audience and took their time to master the gameplay. The hard work and lessons learned have really shined in their latest title. Their numbers have held steady according SteamSpy Data, with occasional spikes from popular streamers or viral word-of-mouth hits. There are even amateur and semi-professional tournaments being held. All signs point to a polished and enjoyable game at launch, and I wish nothing but success for Stunlock Studios.

Also check out the entertaining and informative video summarizing the patch by 2 Lainz, one of my favorite Battlerite YouTubers!

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